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Wheezer Society Links to some Cool Stuff from here at home and abroad

Meat Identification Kit
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Meats. Prime Cuts. Meaty, beaty, bouncy. Not for PETA supporters. I found this “Meat Identification Kit” from the 1950's at The Swapo a few years back. I think I paid $10 for the entire box. The first few cards tell the story - these are standard retail cuts of meat and the flash cards help employees, students and everyday folk like you and me identify those mysterious cuts of meat. Enjoy! VIEW HERE

Firecracker Wrapper Artwork
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Firecracker wrappers - not design sense required VIEW HERE

Desktop Carpet Fashions from the 60’s
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Add some texture to your desktop with "Desktop Carpets" - carpet fashions from the 1960's for your Mac desktop VIEW & DOWNLOAD HERE

Basil Gogos Gallery of Universal Monsters
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Check out artist Basil Gogos in our online Gallery VIEW HERE

KISN Good Guy Surveys
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From sixth grade into my freshman year in high school, we would truck on down to Hunters on Sandy Blvd in the Hollywood District to purchase our weekly 45 RPM records and (of course) pick up the weekly KISN Good Guy Survey. VIEW HERE